Move your freight with PTG

We transport a wide variety of items daily around Australia; so that we can best service your needs, we require some important details about your freight.

We ask that you take time to familiarise yourself with the customer page on our website, so that you can make an informed decision about your transport needs. There you will be able to review all of these topics (alternatively you can click on a topic here).

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New Booking System Launch

We are excited to be launching into a new era at PTG with our new booking system.
Read more below.

Online Quote Form

We aim to deliver peace of mind whilst handling your freight and providing accurate information for your freight requirements is crucial.

⇒ Please click here to request a quote

Once submitted you will receive an automated email – you can then reply to that email to submit further information such as: pictures, or multi booking information. We will then assess your requirements and provide you with a quote that can be actioned for pickup below.

Pickup Request

Once your freight is ready for collection, please complete the pickup request form below. It is vital all fields are filled in with as much information as possible, this will assist in accommodating your requirements. Once the form is submitted, a staff member will be in contact to confirm pickup.

Please include the provided quote number as reference when requesting a pickup. Only account holders with scheduled rates can bypass quoting for recurring freight needs.

⇒ Please click here to request a pickup

New Booking System Launch – 1st September 2020

We are moving with the times and going digital with our bookings!
Not groundbreaking but you will love that we can now provide more accurate pricing and tracking of all your freight needs.

We have invested heavily to improve your customer experience and appreciate the more information we have about your individual freight needs will help us to do it better. Part of this shift will require a change to the way you book in freight. By providing your freight details ahead of time, we can facilitate all consignments electronically in our new booking system.
We have created various ways for you to book your freight and to make it as easy as possible:


• Online Quote Form (Now Available): Click here to get a Quote

- Created from the ground up with your security in mind.
- Molds to your requirements to keep it as simple as possible.
- Mobile friendly and lets you get it shipped fast.
- Enter measurements and photos to get the best personalized quote.


• Customer Portal (Only for account holders, Coming Soon):

Direct integration into our system & enables these great features:
- Tracking
- Proof of Delivery
- Favorite Senders/Receivers
- Recurring Bookings
- Account Statements
- Invoices


• In person or via phone
o The same service you’ve come to know and love, but we’ve lifted the bar and will require detailed information about your freight so that it can capture it in our system.


• Bulk Bookings
- We love recurring customers and can work with you to adapt a custom import for multiple consignments. We have developed a proforma to streamline this process. We can also work with your existing systems to facilitate integration of approved industry formats.


Help us take out the guess work so that we can better serve you.

Here is some sample Information required for your freight booking:
- Who is Paying the freight
- Freight type – Carton, pallet, container etc.
- Size, weight & shape
- Senders location
- Delivery destination
- Pickup/Delivery required?
- Freight can also be sent from a depot &/or collected from nearest depot upon arrival.
- Special requirements?
- Forklift, Refrigeration or Dangerous goods?

Thank you for your valued support. We will gradually transition into this new system and will maintain full service as we migrate our bookings onto an electronic platform.
Please contact your local branch if you have any questions.